Textured Tiles Color Block Geometric Background | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

In this easy Adobe Illustrator tutorial, create a color block background with textured tiles effect. Use a color palette that gives a gradient feel to the geometric background.

  • Create a new document of width and height 900px.
  • Using the Rectangular Grid tool, create a grid with the settings:
    • Default size:- Width: 900px; Height: 900px
    • Horizontal dividers:- Number: 11; Skew: 0%
    • Vertical dividers: Number: 11; Skew: 0%
  • Align grid to the center of the Artboard using the Align panel.
  • Now select the grid.
  • Click on the Shape builder tool (shortcut – Shift M).
  • Choose the colors from the Swatches panel and click and drag on the grid to create shapes and add colors.
  • After completing it, ensure that the stroke is set to none.
  • Select the grid.
  • Click on Effect > Texture > Mosaic Tiles
  • Choose the below settings and click on Ok.
    • Tile size: 30
    • Grout width: 2
    • Lighten grout: 8

Video Tutorial: