Glass Effect with Triangles | Color Block Geometric Background | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

In this quick Adobe Illustrator tutorial, create a glass effect with triangles. In this, color block geometric background, use a special shaded color palette that gives this look. Use the grid tool and add the colors using the live paint bucket tool.

  • Create a new document of width and height 900px.
  • Using the Rectangular Grid tool, create a grid with the settings:
    • Default size: Width – 900px, Height – 900px
    • Horizontal dividers: Number – 5, Skew – 0%
    • Vertical dividers: Number – 5, Skew – 0%
  • Align the grid to the center of the Artboard, using the Align panel.
  • Ensure stroke is set to black color.
  • Create a copy of the grid by clicking Edit > Copy.
  • Then paste it by clicking Edit > Paste in front.
  • Now right click the grid, choose Transform > Rotate (or Object > Transform > Rotate ).
  • Set the angle to 45°
  • Ensure “Smart Guides” is on, by checking under View menu.
  • Now click on one of the corners, hold Shift and Opt / Alt and drag towards the corner of the previous grid.
  • Now select both the grids. Click on Pathfinder panel > Divide.
  • Now double click on the grid to enter isolation mode.
  • Delete the parts of the grid that are outside the artboard.
  • Select the completed grid, click on Live Paint Bucket Tool and start applying the colors from the Swatches panel.
  • Once done, set the stroke to none.
  • Now select all, Object > Live Paint > Expand.
  • Our glass effect color block geometric background is ready!!

Video Tutorial: