Color Block Geometric Background with Black Border | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

In this fun tutorial, let’s create a geometric background with color blocks and a black border to the separate blocks. Also, added some quirkiness by moving some of the shapes. Let us begin:

  • Create a new document of width and height 900px.
  • Using the Rectangular Grid tool, create a grid with the settings:
  • Align the grid to the center of the Artboard, using the Align panel.
  • Ensure stroke is set to black color.
  • Ensure “Smart Guides” is on, by checking under View menu.
  • Click on Ellipse Tool and draw the circles from the top right corner. Drag and hold Shift and Opt / Alt.
  • Select all.
  • Click on Pathfinder panel > Divide.
  • Then double click on the grid (to enter isolation mode).
  • Select the parts of the circles that are outside the grid. Delete them.
  • Now again select the whole grid.
  • Click on Shape Builder tool, choose the color from the Swatches panel.
  • Drag and click to create shapes as well as fill color.
  • After this is completed, double click on the grid (to enter isolation mode).
  • Now we can select the separate shapes in the grid.
  • Select the shapes and move them slightly using the arrow keys.

Video tutorial: