Color Block Geometric Background | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

In this super quick tutorial, let’s create a color block geometric background using Adobe Illustrator.

  1. Create a new document of width and height 900px.
  2. Using the Rectangular Grid tool, create a grid with the settings:
  • Align the grid to the center of the Artboard, using the Align panel.
  • Lock the grid by clicking Object > Lock > Selection (shortcut is Cmd 2 / Ctrl 2).
  • Ensure “Smart Guides” is on, by checking under View menu.
  • Click on Ellipse Tool and draw the circles.
  • Click on the pen tool and draw the lines.
  • Unlock the grid by clicking Object > Unlock All (shortcut is Cmd + Opt 2 / Ctrl + Alt 2).
  • Select all.
  • Click on Live Paint Bucket Tool, select the color from the swatches panel and apply to the sections.
  • After applying all colors, set stroke to none.
  • Now, click on Object > Live Paint > Expand.
  • The color block geometric background is ready.

Video Tutorial: