Broken Stained Glass Effect | Color Block Geometric Background | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

In this quick Adobe Illustrator tutorial, create a broken stained glass effect with random size triangles. In this color block geometric background, use a special shaded color palette that gives this look. Use the pen tool and live paint bucket tool for creating this effect.

  • Create a new document of size 900px by 900px.
  • Use the pen tool and start creating triangles.
  • Ensure that the lines are drawn in such a way that the triangles are of varied sizes.
  • Hold the Shift key if the pen tool shows a minus sign.
  • After completing the triangles, select all, choose live paint bucket tool and start adding colors from the Swatches panel.
  • Once done, set the stroke to none.
  • Now select all, Object > Live Paint > Expand.
  • Draw a rectangle of width and height 900px.
  • Align it to the center using the Align panel.
  • Give it fill color (recommended: darkest shade of the chosen color palette).
  • Now, select it and click Object > Arrange > Send to Back.

Video Tutorial: